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The Importance of an Effective Energy Management System

Today, web-based software provides complete control of Energy Management Systems (EMS) remotely, from one’s PC or mobile device. In addition to easy accessibility, the EMS does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to measuring system performance and optimizing energy expenditure. Instead of manually monitoring and adjusting different pieces of building equipment, the EMS system eliminates human error and excess time spent on maintenance or testing settings.

Additional benefits of EMS systems include:

  • Control of each luminaire individually or in groups.
  • The ability to monitor every detail of luminaire operation.
  • Dimming sequences at the click of a mouse.
  • Analysis of each aspect of system performance.
  • Simplified maintenance, rapid notification of where to send work crews.
  • Strengthened asset management and inventory control accuracy.
  • Set back schedule ability to lower temperature when buildings are unoccupied.
  • Outdoor temperature sensing for optimized indoor temperature.


Installing an EMS System is the most intelligent way to tie together other energy efficiency efforts within a building. It is a user friendly tool that provides control of energy use within the building while ensuring that energy efficiency is optimized throughout the building. To schedule a discussion about opportunities to reduce your town or company’s energy usage, contact Nicole Ju at (508) 630-8479 or


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Emerging Technology with the Growth of LED – the Future is Here

The growing demand of LED retrofits within the municipal marketplace has sparked the development of new smart technologies, enabling users to control their interior and exterior lighting via software. Advancements in sensors and controls allow a building to operate automatically at peak energy efficiency levels throughout its lifetime, reducing operating costs and increasing user control. Some of these new technologies have helped municipalities to:

  • Better manager energy consuming equipment.
  • Install low-cost sensor systems.
  • Detect faults.
  • Allow buildings to self-configure, self-commission and self-optimize.
  • Control interior and exterior light fixtures from virtually any location, using open architecture building controls.

New technologies like sensors and controls create added value for LED lighting retrofits. These solutions are user friendly, increase overall energy management of a building, and are now incentivized through your local utility incentive program to help reduce overall retrofit cost. To learn about how your facility can better manage lighting and overall energy use, please contact Nicole Ju at: (508) 630-8479.

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Congratulations to Green Communities Competitive Grant Awardees!

Green Communities Program

The Patrick Administration has awarded 43 designated Green Communities a total of $7.9 million in grants in recognition of successful investment of the initial Green Communities grant.

On behalf of Guardian Energy Management Solutions, our team would like to congratulate the 43 recipients on their efforts, and wish them the best for implementing future energy efficiency projects. This grant is equally rewarding for Guardian Energy, after partnering with many of these town representatives to complete incentive applications and install projects seamlessly.

If your municipality is a grant recipient not currently partnered with a Project Expediter, please reach out to us to implement your town’s projects as soon as possible. For case studies or client recommendations from municipalities we’ve worked with before, please contact us directly at (508) 630-8479.

If your municipality is seeking to become one of the many designated Green Communities benefiting from grant funding, we would also be happy to speak with you about steps to becoming designated.


Adapt to Rising IT-Energy Usage Costs

As reliance on technology has increased, IT-related energy demand within companies has increased incrementally as well. Estimates from the US Ministry of Economy reveal that IT-related energy demand will increase by a factor of 9 between 2006 and 2025. This immense increase has caused corporations to seek out energy reduction services and products like those offered at Guardian Energy. It’s easier than you think to accomplish a smarter, greener way of doing business:

Start by Setting Green Goals

Be aware of which areas of your business are growing and what infrastructure costs will be necessary to maintain this growth. Think about the ways to reduce these costs without inhibiting growth rate. Reducing energy is one way to cut costs effortlessly.

Company Commitment

Make sure company members understand the simple actions they can take to collaboratively cut down on energy costs (like putting a laptop into hibernation mode). Teamwork can help to reach the company’s goals faster, can also alert you to unnecessary energy use within the company.

Shop Wisely

Consult with experts like Energy Efficiency Specialists at Guardian Energy Management Solutions™ about what the most energy efficient products on the market are. They can find the right product to suit your reduction goals, and secure incentive funding for these products. Keep in mind that initial costs for energy efficient equipment are beneficial for your company in the long run.

To begin your company’s journey toward a greener, brighter future, contact a representative at Guardian Energy Management Solutions ™ today at (508) 597-1333.several monitors

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Proactive Lighting Upgrades – A Bright Business Idea!

The Department of Energy estimates that 90% of America’s five million commercial and industrial buildings were built prior to the late 80’s. This may explain why less than half have implemented energy efficiency upgrades such as lighting retrofits, energy management systems to control HVAC energy usage or other measures to reduce energy costs. Energy efficiency upgrades typically include products that were released within the last decade. While they remain fairly new to the marketplace, it is best business practice to utilize these energy reduction measures immediately, as they can reduce energy costs by up to 50%.

The most significant change many of these buildings can make is often the simplest one. The Energy Cost Savings Council reveals that 90% of the cost to run a fluorescent lamp is due to the amount of energy it uses.  The council reveals that therefore, completing the switch to a lower kilowatt-hour bulb is the most significant way to see a fast reduction in energy related operating expenses.

Added benefits to installing more efficient lighting include:

  • Reduced air conditioning costs (high efficiency lights run cooler).
  • A rapid return on investment that pays dividends over the lifespan of the product.
  • Improved tenant-lease facility value.

Financing a facility upgrade has become a common practice with new repayment options available through local utility companies. For example, National Grid may offer a 2 year repayment plan on the balance due after the incentive reduction is applied to a project. This balance is repaid over 24 monthly installments with no interest. Most utility companies offer significant incentives or rebates for lighting products, further enhancing an already rapid payback period. In fact, most lighting upgrades can reduce the project cost by 30%-50%.

There are also commercial tax deductions available through the Federal 2005 Energy Policy Act and independent financing plans available through various vendors like Guardian Energy Management SolutionsTM. To get started reducing your company’s energy costs today- contact Guardian Energy Management Solutions at 508-630-8479 to set up a free energy efficiency assessment!

LED Bulbs Cut Energy Costs by up to 50%

LED Bulbs Cut Energy Costs by up to 50%





A New Year Means New Changes for Guardian!

The Latest at Guardian
A new year means new changes for Guardian! Be sure to visit our newly re-designed webpage and read about the latest project and field updates on our very first blog! We’re also pleased to announce that the growing Guardian team will be re-locating to a new office building. Our office address is now 420 Northboro Road Central, Marlborough Massachusetts 01752.

Brightening Up the Workspace
Guardian Energy recently implemented a complete interior lighting retrofit at Paradigm Precision in Malden, Massachusetts, significantly improving the visibility on the manufacturing floor. This project, in addition to new lighting controls will save the company approximately 490,000 kWh annually. Wollaston Alloys, a high alloy foundry located in Braintree, MA, chose Guardian Energy Management Solutions to implement a new LED lighting solution to replace antiquated Metal Halide fixtures. This upgrade will save thousands in electrical and maintenance costs annually, and is a superior example of how better lighting, thus a more productive work space, doesn’t have to cost more.

Growing with Green Communities
Guardian maintains a strong presence amongst the MA Green Communities and communities seeking to become designated. Several public schools in Quincy, Massachusetts will receive LED exterior lighting upgrades, helping the town save money on energy costs. Other municipal projects include an HVAC upgrade at the Swampscott Public Library, estimated to reduce nearly 30% of the building’s energy bill. In February, Guardian installed a new Energy Management System at the Winthrop Police Department to improve interior climate conditions for officers and reduce energy consumption under Winthrop’s Green Community Energy Reduction Plan.


Guardian Energy Assists Towns in Going Green

Guardian Energy Joins ENERGY STAR in Reducing Carbon Footprint!

Guardian Energy is proud to be listed as a participant in the ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign. As a member of this campaign, Guardian Energy joins the ranks of companies like Dell Inc., Fox Entertainment Group, Inc., and Microsoft in a pledge to use IT equipment more efficiently. Guardian Energy is now a contributor to a possible nationwide savings of up to $4 billion worth of electricity– the equivalent to reducing greenhouse emissions from 5 million cars.

Maynard Paves the Way with Public Car Charger
Assisted by Guardian Energy Management Solutions, Green Community Maynard installed its first free electric car charger for public use. Project spearhead and town facility director Gregg Lefter hopes to inspire other Green Communities to do the same, eventually leading to the creation of a roadmap listing all public car chargers for those travelling through Massachusetts. Guardian Energy Director Chip Goudreau states that “Guardian enjoys pioneering projects like this one. Our clients are the people that are willing to go the extra mile to improve inefficiency, not only to save money but because it’s the right thing to do for our planet and for each other.”

Tyngsboro Police Station Receives a Much Needed Upgrade
In March, the town of Tyngsboro coordinated with Guardian Energy to utilize utility incentive funding provided by the Green Communities Program.Through this partnership, Tyngsboro was able to upgrade the lighting in the high school, the refrigeration system in the elementary school, and lastly provide a much needed boiler replacement at the local police department.

Guardian Energy Assists Billerica with Weatherization Just in Time for Winter
Guardian Energy was pleased to assist Marshall Middle School in preparing for the upcoming cold weather by providing a free initial energy efficiency assessment and weatherization measures as needed. The school received lighting upgrades, steam traps, and a new refrigeration system, ensuring that students returning from the holidays could learn in an eco-friendly and health-conscious environment.

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